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An unprecedent perspective of Tsukiji market.

Over the past two years, the photographer’s gaze has wandered around Tokyo, focusing on Tsukiji (in Japanese 築 地 市場 Tsukiji shijō), the largest fish market in the world, located  in the district bearing the same name, in the city centre since 1935.

Considered a sacred place, it has now lost its identity: on 6th October 2018 it was definetely closed and relocated in the Toyosu district for the upcoming 2020 Olympics.

The images of Nicola Tanzini represent an important testimony because they tell of a symbolic place that no longer exists.

In “Tokyo Tsukiji”, the place is exhibited in an as yet unknown role, during the slowing down of the activity and the necessary preparation phase to face the portion of time in which the world is closed out, in that often disordered, confused, sometimes, paradoxical dimension of contemporary human existence.

Tokyo Tsukiji Series is a selection taken from the homonymous book (Contrasto, 2018), edited by Benedetta Donato.

Biographical Note

NICOLA TANZINI (Pisa, 1964) is an Italian entrepreneur and photographer with over thirty years experience.

His work is inspired mostly by the movement of Humanist photography, focusing on the behaviors and the everyday situations of human nature in which the author himself describes as his natural environment: the street.

He founded Street Diaries, an itinerant project about street photography, in constant evolution sourcing elements from the author’s numerous travels around the world, focusing on destinations such as London, Dublin and San Francisco, among others.

Tokyo.Tsukiji is his first editorial publication.